SpeakUnique develops state-of-the-art voice banking technology, allowing people to create high-quality, personalised synthetic voices.  The multi-disciplinary team combines expertise in speech synthesis, human-computer interaction and speech and language therapy. 

Speak Unique on NxNW ICURe

"Taking part in the ICURe journey was a great opportunity for me and the founding team. It enabled us to understand the scale of the problem that we were trying to address and the potential for the company, giving us the belief in ourselves and the products to actually set up the company and push towards launch.

We found the access to networks, peer support and training provided by the ICURe team to be incredibly helpful in framing our customer conversations. It gave me a new language with which to communicate the benefits of our products and reach the point where we have been trading successfully since June 2020,employing 8 members of staff and are selling our synthesised  voices providing personalised synthetic voices for communication aid users."

- Alice Smith, CEO, SpeakUnique

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Watch the impact SpeakUnique is having on people's lives

The Journey

SpeakUnique has developed cutting-edge speech synthesis that is able to create personalised synthetic voices from only a short recording of an individual’s own voice or designed based on a set of desired characteristics. The company offers four different Voice Banking services depending on clients' speech needs.  Following the ICURe programme, they formed a University of Edinburgh spin-out company to allow them to offer their technology at scale. In June 2020 they launched the first set of products, selling personalised synthetic voices to individuals. The company is now able to offer their voices to any English speaker, anywhere in the world.

SpeakUnique was created in The University of Edinburgh.

The founding management team includes Alice Smith, CEO,  Oliver Watts (CTO and Speech Scientist) and Professor Siddharthan Chandran (Adviser and globally recognised neurologist).

A future goal of the team is to create the technology needed to provide polyglot personalised synthetic voices for use in communication aids, enabling bilingual users to ‘speak’ in either of their languages or in a seamless mixture of the two. Ultimately, this technology will drive a web service where users at risk of losing their voice can record a sample of speech in their own home, and can then download a personalised bilingual voice.