NxNW ICURe Case Studies 


SpeakUnique offers voice banking technology for all speech needs, to allow people to retain their identity and communicate in a voice that is their own, even when natural speech is not possible.


Phlux develops high performance infrared sensors to navigate autonomous vehicles. Phlux’s sensors enable vehicles to see 50% further with over 4x higher image resolution, making autonomous  navigation much safer.

KOKU Health

Keep On Keep Up (KOKU) is a state of the art, cost-effective, tablet-based technology that draws on health behaviour change theory and gamification to increase adherence to strength and balance exercises.

BIA Analytical 

Bia Analytical is a leading UK food authentication testing laboratory delivering industry-leading, cutting-edge food adulteration testing methods.


VascVersa is new Regenerative Medicine company. Using ANGICYTE technology they are developing new cell therapies for vascular regeneration.

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