Lean Launch Programme: Options Roundabout pitches

Our first cohort of teams pitched to a specially invited audience of investors, corporates & media on 23rd May 2019 in Grand Central Hotel Belfast

Meet the teams


Speak:Unique has developed state-of-the-art speech synthesis technology, capable of creating a synthetic replica of an individual's voice from less than an hour-long recording. The initial use case is in providing personalised synthetic voices for patients who have lost their voice through diseases and rely on a communication aid.

Speak:Unique venture is based on research from The University of Edinburgh and led by Dr Alice Smith. 


UrbanChain’s blockchain-based energy trading platform has the main features of real-time switching, automated billing, and demand side management optimization, to reduces households’ bills by up to 50% and SMEs’ bills by up to 40%. Our AI products integrated in our platform manage supply and demand, and contribute to the development of smart grids.

UrbanChain is based on research from The University of Manchester and led by @SomayehTaheri 


NanoProbe will utilise MEMS-based process for WRe alloys, targeting the semiconductor test probe-card market . Primarily to address MEMS, vertical and advanced probe-card market segments worth $960M. Nanoprobe will manufacture probe needles in existing facilities and partner with a tier one probe-card manufacturer initially targeting 10% of the actual market opportunity.

Nanoprobe is based on research from University of Glasgow and led by Dr Thomas McMullen.

Cibus Analytical

Cibus Analytical are passionate about food fraud. We develop methods to allow the food industry to detect food adulteration in a way that allows them to increase efficiency and protect their consumers from unsafe food.

Cibus is based on research from The Queens University of Belfast and led by Dr Terry MrGrath.


We have developed a fast, simple, and consistent method to generate valuable primary human vascular stem cells from a small, easily obtained sample of human umbilical cord blood. These cells are of the highest quality and potency, which allows them to be the starting point for a wide range of applications in regenerative medicine research and therapy

VascVersa is based on research from The Queens University of Belfast and led by Dr Christina O'Neill.

Polymer Mimetix

We have developed a new branched
polymer chemistry platform. Utilising existing manufacturing processes,
and based on off-the-shelf REACH-compliant feedstocks, it is readily scale-able and adoptable by multinational companies. This
disruptive technology could transform polymer and plastics production, and we are already working with our first customers, and
early adopters.

Polymer Mimetix is based on research from The University of Liverpool

Vector Photonics

Vector photonics’ patented award-winning technology unlocks the next generation of semiconductor-lasers. By embedding 2D-photonic crystal gratings within the laser we create enhanced surface emitted power, wavelength control, and beam quality and steering. We will be a fabless laser supplier of disruptive technology to multiple markets, beginning with LiDAR and data-communications.

Vector photonics is based on research from University of Glasgow and led by Richard Taylor.


Performance of technologies and processes can be controlled by porous media, from water flow through coffee, electrolyte flow in batteries and oil flow in reservoirs. PORTRE offers an innovate multi-physics based simulation software to simulate the interactions between fluids inside porous materials for characterisation, optimisation and material design. We achieve this over 1000 times faster on a single PC compared to a supercomputer cluster used in traditional computational fluid dynamic software. Our software will allow companies to solve problems in the batteries, fuel cells and oil recovery sectors.

PORTRE is based on research from The University of Manchester